At RCS2, we prefer quality over quantity. Packaged services are simply not our thing.

We believe that every customer is unique. We also believe that every project is unique.

At RCS2, we prefer to focus on a customized approach.

At RCS2, we prefer to focus on the things we do best.

At RCS2, we prefer to deliver you the best service we possibly can.

Scoping, planning, developing, deploying, operating.

No matter the phase in your project, we can be there for you.


Typically, this intake conversation will take a few hours.

You explain what it is that you want to achieve.

We pick in and explain what we can and can't do for you.

At the end, we should have a pretty solid idea what we can expect of each other.



Your architects need custom training in what can be done, so that they can make sound and feasible decisions and recommendations. This usually goes beyond the official curriculum which focuses on how to do something.

Design sessions need insight and knowledge into expected behavior. This reduces the chance for surprises along the way.

Some ideas might need validation in a lab environment, further improving your understanding of what to expect.

Finally, resources need to be planned. Estimates need to be made.

Our technical expertise is there to assist you. Our lab is there to validate. Our experience is there to help you plan.



Ideas need further validation with early pilot environments. They need to be configured.

Key users involved in an early pilot need to be trained.

Hardware and infrastructure needs to be sized and planned.

Our technical expertise is there to help you configure and train. Our experience is there to help you plan and size.


The production environment needs to be configured and must fit in your with existing services.

Configurations need to be documented.

End-user rollout has to be planned. Training has to be foreseen.

First editions of technical runbooks for operations have to be developed, explaining how to operate the new service.

System engineers require technical training.

Our technical expertise is there to help you author and train. Our experience is there to help you plan, communicate and evangelize.


In the early stages of service operations, you will continue to deepen the level of technical runbooks. Knowledge bases, wikis and how-tos will have to be written.

On a continued basis, a trusted advisor can help you gain new insights into existing possibilities. A trusted advisor can also monitor new trends and service evolution, providing new insights into new possibilities and match them to existing challenges.

Our technical expertise is there to help you with the write-up. Our experience is there to provide new insights and ideas.